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How Are Micro Nano Bubbles Produced?

It is a very common but interesting thing for gas to pass into the water to form bubbles. Especially when the size of the bubbles continues to shrink, they become micro nano bubbles. The bubbles at this time can show a series of interesting characteristics.

How are micro nano bubbles produced?

First of all, the qualitative point is that all gas distribution devices cannot produce micro nano bubbles. The reason is that the openings of conventional gas distribution devices are at millimeter level, and the smallest gas distribution device can be obtained in the laboratory. The size of gas distribution outlet is only 100 micrometers. Due to the coalescence of bubbles of these sizes, small bubbles will spontaneously form large bubbles, and finally get millimeter-level bubbles. In addition, there is jet mixing, that is, gas-liquid mixing by venturi. The relevant research shows that although the bubbles in the throat of Venturi can reach tens of microns without adding foaming agent, the phenomenon of bubble merging in the diffusion section is inevitable.

At present, the common micro nano bubble generators on the market are all high shear generators, which use dynamic or static high-speed shear devices to cut the bubbles in the gas-liquid mixture. Due to the strong shearing force of these components, bubbles can be chopped to tens of nanometers to several microns, and finally micro-nano bubbles are formed. Although this method consumes a lot of energy, it is the only existing method to generate micro nano bubbles.

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