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Model 40EDQLS40S is a kind of self-priming gas-liquid mixing pump which is installed horizontally. It uses standard click-coupled connections. The wetted components of the pump are all made of stainless steel. The suction inlet of the gas-liquid mixing pump can absorb gas through negative pressure, so there is no need to use gas compressor and atmospheric ejector. High speed rotating impeller to stir liquid and gas, no need for compressor and mixer. Pump pressure stirring, so that the gas and liquid completely dissolved, dissolved efficiency can reach 80 ~ 99%. Thus, high-pressure solutions can be obtained without large pressurized gas tanks or expensive reaction towers. Gas-liquid mixing pump can be used to attract, mix, dissolve and transfer highly dissolved liquid directly to the point of use. Therefore, the use of gas-liquid mixing pump can improve the production efficiency of dissolved gas, simplify the preparation equipment, save space, greatly reduce the initial investment, and save the operation cost and maintenance cost.

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1.For food and chemical removal in pretreatment for waste water treatment

2.For recycling of high-grade paper fiber

3.For excrement (livestock) treatment 

4.For pretreatment of kitchen waste water containing oil and fat

5.For removing impurities from well water in preparation for various industries including semiconductor pure water production.

6.For treating water in pond or lake purification

7.For providing a micro-bubble bath at a hotel or the like



Micro Bubble Generator are operated with clean liquid. Pre-cleaned water in the recycle –flow process. Also during starting phase attention must be paid to the water cleanness.

Realize inflow conditions at pump inlet side. Make sure liquid is filled with pump body.

Select throttle valve and pressure release valve with good dosing features

Install gas supply line above highest liquid level to keep liquid away from entering the air flow measuring device.

Select air flow measuring device with suitable metering range and with needle valve for optimal adjustment of the air flow.

Design inflow-pipe from air inlet to pump inlet flange in a short and horizontal way in order to ensure that always a constant water-air proportion arrives at the pump.

As solution line for dissolved air flotation a pipe line with larger nominal width will be suitable in order to achieve a retention period of approx. 1 minutes until pressure release.

If required, surplus air can be led away by means of a bubble separation at highest position before pressure release (pipe line with very small nominal width).

Initial Starting

Initially pump is started according to the known operating instruction for pure water supply. Check the maximum pump pressure as per characteristic curve point by short-time closing of the pressure release valve while the bubble separation pipe is closed.

Open the pressure release valve until the required operation pressure for pure water supply has been reached. At the same time, it has to be considered that the flow rate for pure water supply has to be approx. 10 to 20% higher than for the supply of water-gas mixtures.

Reduce the rate of flow slightly at the inlet side by means of the throttle valve till a pressure (vacuum) between -0.2 and -0.3 bar is achieved at the suction side manometer. Open the air supply at the throttle valve and adjust the required air flow gradually at the needle valve. The operating pressure at the pressure side manometer decreases slightly. If necessary, re-adjust the vacuum at the pump inlet side in case that the required air flow will not be sucked in from the atmospheric air. In case of delivery stops the air flow has to be reduced accordingly.

In order to avoid large bubbles the gas contents must not exceed the physically possible solubility.

Other gases also can be charged considering the solubility. Differing methods also will be possible after consulting.

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Closed-couple Type Micro Nano Bubble Generator Coupling Type Micro Nano Bubble Generator
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