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Micro Nano Bubble Generator for River Treatment

The advantages of the micro nano bubble generator:

Selecting the micro-nano bubble generating device for river treatment, the micro-nano bubble generator of Shanghai Edon Mechanical & Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd is recommended, which is characterized in that it includes a nano-bubble generating system for generating nano-bubbles, a push-flow aerator for controlling the rise and fall Sinking aerator; powerful circulation device to make living water : living water is the second life of the lake, and the de-stratification equipment forms a strong main water flow and induction flow, which can effectively break the natural stagnant water zone formed by the thermocline and make the entire water body Form a circulating flow of water. Wherein, the nanobubble generation system and the plug flow aerator are integrated inside the chassis, the plug flow tube of the plug flow aerator is arranged on the top of the aerator frame, and the chassis is installed on the aerator. On the frame, the sink and float device of the aerator is installed at the bottom of the frame of the aerator.

How to use the micro nano bubble generator to improve water quality:

The micro-nano bubble generator is used to improve water quality. The key is to use the characteristics of micro nano bubbles generator to increase oxygen, increase biological vitality, improve water fluidity conditions, and avoid odors caused by anaerobic environment. With the supporting green plant biological island process, improv the material circulation of eutrophic water bodies to achieve the goals of water quality purification and overall water ecological restoration. After running for a period of time, it can be clearly seen that the water quality has been purified to a certain extent. Dissolved oxygen is as high as 5.2mg/L. The purification ability of water treated with micro-nano bubbles far exceeds the self-purification ability of water treated with ordinary bubbles under natural conditions. The equipment can be automatically operated, and the operation and management is convenient; the operation cost is low and the economic benefit is significant. The 25mm diameter pressureless microbubbles are highly dispersed in the gas and liquid phases in a semi-vacuum to produce micro-nano-level bubbles and nano-level bubbles with a diameter of less than 3μ, collectively referred to as the effect of rapid oxygenation of micro-nano bubbles released into the water body.

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