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Application of micro-nano bubbles

Micro and nano bubbles have the characteristics of small size, large specific surface area, high adsorption efficiency, and slow rising speed in the water. Micro nano bubbles in water can effectively separate the solid impurities, rapidly increase the oxygen concentration, eliminate detrimental bacteria, and reduce the friction coefficient of the solid-liquid interface. 

Therefore, it has higher efficiency and wider application prospects than macro bubbles in the fields of air flotation water purification technology, water reoxygenation, ozone water disinfection, and micro nano bubble drag reduction. In the frontier application fields such as biopharmaceutical, precision chemical reaction, and bubble logic circuit, it is necessary to carry out high-precision operation control for a single bubble to realize the quantification of parameters such as adsorption level and dissolution rate.

1.Application in air flotation water purification

As an efficient solid-liquid separation technology, the air flotation method was first used in mineral selection. Since the 1970s, the technology has been rapidly developed in the field of water treatment and has been widely used in water purification at present. Because bubbles bring electric charges, the suspended matters in the water can be absorbed by the bubbles, and they will be brought to the water surface by buoyancy so that the suspended solids can be separated from the water.

2.Application in biopharmaceutical

The technology of making micro nano bubbles as carriers have developed rapidly in drug and gene delivery. As an efficient carrier, microbubbles can be used to deliver genes or drugs to target tissues, and then rupture under the action of ultrasonic waves, which can release the genes or drugs into the aims. So the utilization efficiency of genes or drugs is improved and the damage to other healthy tissues is reduced.

3.Application in a precise chemical reaction

In precise chemical reactions, the micro and nano bubbles are to wrap or isolate the reactants, and then make them enter the micro pipe or micro-volume cavity to make the isolated reactants contact each other. Eventually, the chemical reaction takes place under the action of a catalyst or ultrasonic wave. By controlling the size of the bubble, the number of raw materials involved in the reaction can be controlled with high precision, thus the chemical reaction can be well controlled.

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