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The Wonderful Combination of Micro Nano Bubble Technology and Modern Agriculture


Micro nano bubbles refer to micro bubbles with a diameter of 1-50 μm and nano bubbles with a diameter of less than 1 μm when they occur. Both are together called micro nano bubbles. Usually the appearance is milky white.




Slow rising speed, self pressurization and dissolution, large specific surface area and charged surface.


What are the applications of micro nano bubble technology?


  •  Aerated irrigation


By adding air into irrigation water and supplying oxygen directly to crop roots, the optimization of root zone gas environment can be realized and crop growth can be promoted, so as to obtain a new type of efficient water-saving irrigation technology that is extremely water-saving, energy-saving and environment-friendly and increasing crop yield and income.




  Improve root distribution, expand root volume, enhance root activity, and improve water use efficiency;


  Promote fertilizer absorption and organic matter decomposition machine nutrient utilization, improve water and fertilizer utilization efficiency;


  Promote crop growth, improve yield and quality;


  Improve soil and increase land productivity;


  Reduce irrigation, drainage and water consumption, improve rainfall utilization rate and irrigation water utilization rate, so as to effectively reduce nitrogen and phosphorus surface runoff emissions.



  • Protected horticulture


Micro nano bubble technologycan form micro nano bubble oxygen enriched water to increase oxygen in soilless culture nutrient solution; for pathogenic microorganisms in nutrient solution, ozone is dissolved into nutrient solution to form micro nano bubble ozone water with high concentration and thorough sterilization.


  •  Disinfection of soil or substrate


When the soil and the reused substrate are continuous cropping, they are easy to carry pathogens and transmit diseases. The ozone can be dissolved in the water with high efficiency by using the micro nano bubble rapid generation device, so that the high concentration of micro nano bubble ozone water can be produced, and the soil and substrate can be disinfected by using the strong oxidation of ozone. The method has the advantages of thorough sterilization, broad spectrum, no residue and green and environmental protection.


  •  Aquaculture


It can make the dissolved oxygen value reach supersaturation. It can solve the problem of fish floating head, eliminate harmful gas, promote water convection exchange, improve water quality conditions, reduce the sedimentation coefficient of feed, improve the activity and primary productivity of fish pond, thus improving the stocking density.


  • Processing of agricultural and sideline products


The functional micro nano odorous oxygen bubble water can realize the harmless physical sterilization, which not only can keep its plant type and protoplasm, but also can achieve the goal of asepsis. It has a more significant effect to remove the residual pesticides attached to fresh fruits and vegetables, and solve the pollution problem of food, vegetables and fruits from the source.


Soaking broilers, raw meat, frozen fish and frozen shrimp in micro nano smelly oxygen can kill the harmful bacteria carried in the process of slaughter and transportation, degrade the biological hormones, antibiotics, hormones and other substances harmful to human body absorbed in the feeding process, and remove the fishy smell.


  • Water treatment


Micro nano bubble technology is a high-end water environment treatment technology integrating air flotation, filtration, disinfection and dissolved oxygen. It can speed up the oxidation and decomposition of water organic pollution, especially with the appropriate horizontal water agitation device, which can expand the distribution range of micro nano bubble in the horizontal direction and mix with the surrounding water to carry out oxygen as much as possible. It plays an important role in the effect of water purification, which is incomparable for other purification technologies. It fundamentally changes the water environment and enables the aerobic biochemical efficiency of microorganisms to play an optimal role.


  •  Flow rate measurement


With the development of economy, more and more requirements have been put forward for hydrological survey in various fields of society. A Doppler portable (on-line) velocity and flow meter is used to measure the flow velocity indirectly with the help of micro particles moving in the water body. Considering the condition of not affecting the water quality and getting better follow-up, micro nano bubbles are an ideal medium. Because micro nano bubbles can be evenly dispersed to the water body, the effect is ideal as a reflection medium.


  •  Bath care


The low frequency produced by the pressure and dissolution of the micro nano bubbles in the micro nano bubble bath (milk bath) has the effect of removing the dirt. At the same time, the low frequency has the effect of stimulating the production of endorphins, making people calm and happy, nourishing the skin, delaying aging, and achieving the effect of hyperoxia therapy.

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