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Microbubble generator is the most reasonable gas introduction technology, which can melt almost all gases into all liquids. The bubble generator creates billions of micro nano bubbles, ranging from 200 nm to 50 μm in size. The micro nano bubble generator can deliver the steam body with high efficiency over 85%, which can improve the utilization rate of steam body, the function of water and the treatment method. Micro nano bubbles are still floating in the water, producing gas storage and allowing residual disinfection and sterilization.


Characteristics of micro bubble generator


*High pressure cyclone is selected to release technical and dense micro nano bubbles, which has no blockage and is easy to maintain.


*The diameter of micro nano bubbles is 200 nm to 50 μ m, which can be rapidly converted into saturated water, and has excellent practical effect of vapor-liquid dissolution.


*The characteristics of micro nano bubble generator are stable, and has high efficiency and low noise.


*Micro nano bubble generator is widely used, such as sewage and steam solution aquaculture, farmland irrigation, shower, etc.


Bubbles from 0.001mm to 0.05mm are defined as micro nano bubbles (very fine bubbles)


Application example of micro bubble generator


According to this method, micro nano bubble generator can be widely integrated into different manufacturing industries according to the integration of microbubbles and various kinds of vapor bodies.


Gas and water:


(1) reduce COD and SS for waste water treatment


(2) cause cation used for shower system software


(3) improve the oxygen level in water for water planting and fishing


Active oxygen and water:


(1) clean food materials to kill bacteria and remove chemical fertilizer


(2) clean the control panel and semiconductor material round crystal


Carbon dioxides and water:


(1) aquaculture


(2) nano calcium carbonate coating


(3) carbon capture and storage.


H2 and water:


Negative ORP (oxidation-reduction potential) and negative hydrogen water are caused.


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