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Working Conditions and Application Scope of Gas-liquid Mixing Pump

Working Conditions of Gas-liquid Mixing Pump:

1. Thin, clean, low viscosity or containing micro impurity liquid;

2. Liquid temperature: - 15 ℃ to + 120 ℃;

3. The gas-liquid ratio is about 1:9 (suction volume is 8-10%);

4. The self-priming height is 9-NPSH(m);

5. The horizontal direction is the suction port, and the vertical direction is the discharge port.

Application Range of Gas-liquid Mixing Pump:

1. Air flotation treatment equipment, ozone water production equipment, oxygen-enriched water production equipment, biochemical treatment equipment and so on.

2. Circulating transfer of heat and refrigerant from various temperature control devices.

3. The gas-liquid mixing pump can be applied to various filtering devices.

4. Low viscosity liquids such as gasoline, diluent and various solvents are attracted or transported from underground storage tanks under high pressure.

5. Spray treatment of clear water, pure water, food, chemical fluid, waste liquid and so on.

6. Intermittent operation, water hammer, sharp change of back pressure and other harsh applications. For example, small steam boiler, high-rise water supply and high-pressure tank.

7. High pressure water injection, drawn by vacuum tank.

8. Take water samples from rivers or water storage tanks, and transfer the foaming liquid and the long horizontal pipeline that is prone to air pockets to transport the liquid.

The main products produced by Shanghai Edon Mechanical & Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd are gas-liquid mixing pumps, circulating pumps, flexible pumps and various micro bubble treatment systems. They are mainly used in industries such as air flotation, ozone water production, oxygen-enriched water production and aeration, washing machines, boiler feed water, circulating fluid transportation, thermal oil circulation, agriculture, engineering support and other industries. The gas-liquid mixing pump industry has broken through various technical problems, and the efficiency of the pump has been greatly improved. Customers who are in need are welcome to come and buy!

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