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Why Is Micro-nano Bubble Technology Widely Used?

Ⅰ. What is micro-nano bubble

Micro-nano bubbles refer to the existence of bubbles in water with micro-level and nano-level units. When bubbles are larger than 50 microns in diameter, we can usually observe with the naked eye.

At present, it seems that the surface that can form nanobubbles is mostly hydrophobic. There are usually four methods for forming bubbles on the hydrophobic surface: one is direct immersion method; the other is external source method; the third is alcohol-water replacement method; the fourth is chemical reaction method. The above methods basically have related products, but most of them are used in the industrial field. Civilian micro-nano bubble equipment is mainly based on the technology from Japan and Taiwan, China, and it is a miniaturized micro-nano bubble generator for families.

Ⅱ. Wide application of micro-nano bubble technology

Because micro-nano bubbles have the characteristics of oxidation, stability and bactericidal properties, they have been widely used in daily life, such as:

1. Clean the skin and take a healthy bath

The bubbles in the water increase from zero to micron-level bubbles and burst. The bass frequencies produced have the effect of removing dirt. At the same time, the low sound frequencies have an impact on the generation of endorphins, which makes people feel calm and pleasant. In addition, if the water contains ultra-fine oxygen bubbles generated by oxygen, when the body is immersed in this high-oxygen water, it can nourish the skin, delay aging, and achieve the effect of hyperoxia therapy.

2. Relieve symptoms of skin diseases

Most of the causes of skin diseases are caused by fungi. Although washing with microbubble water can not achieve the cure effect, the cleansing and high oxygenation function of micro-nano bubbles can relieve some symptoms of skin diseases to a certain extent. For example, it has obvious effects on skin itching and athlete's foot. And for some milder surface skin conditions, there are indeed some therapeutic effects.

3. Efficiently remove anaerobic bacteria to alleviate oral diseases:

Oxygen can inhibit and kill the anaerobic bacteria that cause bad breath, tooth decay and gum disease. The use of microbubble water is a great boon for patients with oral diseases.

4. Excellent cleaning effect of vegetables and fruits:

The microbubble water cleaning vegetables mainly uses the rich kinetic energy contained in the microbubble water and the waves of bubble explosion to make the water enter the uneven gaps on the surface of the vegetables and fruits, and the gaps between the stems to achieve the effect of removing dirt and removing pesticide residues.

5. The magical effect of oxygen-enriched water:

Ordinary water treated with microbubbles can be called "oxygen-enriched water." The dissolved oxygen in oxygen-enriched water can reach 70mg/L, which is 10 times that of ordinary water. Oxygen is an indispensable and important substance in life activities. The occurrence, development and deterioration of many diseases are related to hypoxia. Preliminary studies have found that drinking oxygen-enriched water is beneficial to the health of the cardiovascular system; many people feel refreshed after drinking "oxygen-enriched water"; some people have headaches after drinking it; athletes can improve their athletic ability after drinking it. If you use mineral water rich in trace elements to produce "oxygen-enriched water", you can also achieve multiple purposes of disease prevention and fitness.

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