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Nutrient Solution Micro-nano Bubble Aerated Disinfection System

Ⅰ. The main skills of micro-nano bubbles

In view of the low oxygenation efficiency of the existing soilless culture nutrient solution and the single use of various disinfection methods, there are problems of large environmental pollution, high operating costs, poor function and low efficiency. A new high-efficiency soilless culture nutrient solution's oxygenation and disinfection skills-the "nutrient solution micro-nano bubble oxygenation and disinfection system" has been developed and gradually promoted.

Ⅱ. Nutrient solution micro-nano bubble oxygenation disinfection system

The nutrient solution micro-nano bubble aeration disinfection system uses the world's advanced micro-nano bubble generation technology, combined with ozone sterilization, ultraviolet disinfection, etc., to solve pathogenic microorganism damage, output value decline and other issues caused by the lack of oxygen supply in the nutrient solution and the growth of soilless culture crops, to prevent economic losses caused by this. It has good practicability in the field of equipment agriculture.

The micro-nano bubble generation technology uses a micro-nano bubble rapid generation device to quickly and efficiently dissolve gas into water to generate micro-nano bubbles. The obvious characteristics of micro-nano bubbles are that they rise slowly in the water, stay for a long time, and are self-compressed. They have high solubility in water, and the micro-nano bubbles have the physiological activity of promoting plant growth. Therefore, the micro-nano bubble technology is considered to be very suitable for hydroponic cultivation system. In addition, the use of micro-nano bubble generation technology to dissolve gas into water, compared with other aeration methods, is less affected by temperature, and has obvious advantages when used in the summer high temperature season.

1. The technical principle of the nutrient solution micro-nano bubble aeration disinfection system

Micro-nano bubble technology can form micro-nano bubble oxygen-enriched water to oxygenate the soilless culture nutrient solution; for pathogenic microorganisms in the nutrient solution, ozone is dissolved in the nutrient solution to form micro-nano bubble ozone water, which has high concentration and more thorough sterilization.

2. The innovation of the nutrient solution micro and nano bubble aeration disinfection system

① Using micro-nano bubble generation technology to efficiently dissolve oxygen and ozone in water, the generated micro-nano bubbles have a slow-release effect, which can prolong the residence time of oxygen and ozone in water and improve the efficiency of ozone utilization;

② The ozone dissolved in water can generate more reactive hydroxyl radicals (OH-) under ultraviolet radiation, thereby accelerating the removal rate of organic matter in water;

③ Filter the nutrient solution before it enters the ozone and ultraviolet disinfection, which reduces the influence of reducing substances and opaque impurities in the nutrient solution on the disinfection effect, and greatly improves the sterilization effect;

④ The air compressor is not started when the soilless culture is changing the stubble, and the nutrient solution containing high concentration of micro-nano bubble ozone water is circulated several times in the tandem hydroponic equipment to effectively remove the pathogenic bacteria in the dead corner of the facility;

⑤ It can complete the two-way function of oxygenation and disinfection, which can both oxygenate and disinfect the nutrient solution, effectively reducing the cumulative investment cost of a single device.

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