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The Applications and Effects of Nano Micro Bubble Generator

With the deepening exchanges between China and the world, as well as the promotion of some researchers in scientific research institutes, nano micro bubble generator has been concerned by more and more people. Today, this paper briefly summarizes and analyzes the current application of nano micro bubble generator in relatively mature fields.


1. Wash effect of nano micro bubble generator

Due to the hydrophobicity interaction, the gas-liquid interface on the bubble surface can adsorb oil or small particles, and strip them from the object. The micro-nano bubble is smaller than ordinary bubbles and floats slowly, which can further increase the contact area of the objects and increase the cleaning efficiency.


2. Long existence of nano micro bubble generator

Micro-nano bubbles can exist in the liquid for a long time because of their small buoyancy and slow floating speed.


3. Gas solubility effect of nano micro bubble generator

Because of the surface tension at the gas-liquid interface, the diameter of the bubble is inversely proportional to the pressure of the gas. Compared with the general bubbles, the pressure effect of micro-nano bubbles is larger, and there will be more pressure effects after the contraction, so that the gas dissolution efficiency in the liquid will be increased.


4. Floating separation effect of nano micro bubble generator

When micro-nano bubbles absorb the oil or particles, they float up to the surface of the liquid, then the smudginess can be removed by an overflow or recovery device to achieve the effect of floating separation.

Micro-nano bubbles are very small bubbles, so it can go deep into the tiny gaps and wash the oil from the finished products, especially after the stamped products are cleaned with the nano micro bubble generator, the product attaching situation can be greatly improved, which can reduce the waste of homework time.

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