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Characteristics of Bubble Generator

Application occasions of micro nano bubble generator

1. Oxygen supply in fish culture; 2. river purification and livestock drainage purification; 3. Increase of dissolved oxygen during hydroponics cultivation; 4. Sterilization, decolorization and deodorization of ozone mixing generator; 5. Promotion of fermentation and development of fermented food; 6. Gas liquid reactor of chemical factory; 7. Cleaning and disinfection of food processing.


What is the significance of micro nano bubble generator?

 Characteristics of microbubbles:


(1) The bubbles with a long residence time in the water will rise to the surface of the water soon after they are generated in the water and break away, that is to say, the existence time is short. However, it will take tens of seconds or even minutes for micro bubbles to disappear in water. Some research data show that the rising speed of bubbles with a diameter of 1 mm in water is 6 m every minute, while that of bubbles with a diameter of 10 um in water is 3 mm every min. It can be seen that the rising speed of micro bubbles in water is very slow, so they can stay in water for a long time.


(2) The surface of charged microbubbles is negatively charged. Compared with ordinary microbubbles, the surface load of micro nano bubbles below 30um is about -40mv, which is one of the reasons why microbubbles can gather together for a long time without breaking. Using the electronegativity of micro bubble, it can adsorb the positively charged substances in water, which has a good effect on the adsorption and separation of suspended solids or pollutants in water.


(3) The self pressurization is related to the pressure inside the dissolved bubble and the surface tension. The smaller the bubble diameter is, the larger the internal pressure is. Due to its small diameter and large specific surface area, the internal pressure of microbubbles is much higher than that of the external liquid, while the gas solubility of microbubbles is hundreds of times of that of millimeter bubbles due to the advantages of internal pressurization and large specific surface area of microbubbles. Because the solubility is closely related to the pressure, the interface will reach the supersaturated state when the internal pressure of the micro bubble increases to a certain threshold. When more gas in the bubble is dissolved into the water, it will gradually dissolve and disappear itself.

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