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The Cleansing Power of Microbubble Technology is Three Times That of Face Wash Artifact

Microbubble technology can change the physical properties of water and blend certain gas (such as air) into the water under a specific pressure to form a gas-water mixed solution, and then expand to release the pressure, so that the gas in the water suddenly polymerizes to form micro-bubble water with more energy and high concentration oxygen.

At first, microbubble technology was applied in industry, environmental protection, agriculture, food processing, health care, construction and other fields, and achieved a number of application results. After years of exploration and research, many characteristics of microbubble water have been gradually discovered and applied in life, such as bathing, washing, drinking, and fatigue recovery. Nowadays, microbubble technology is creatively applied in the field of home beauty.

As early as in Japan and the United States, microbubble technology has entered people's lives. Washing your face with micro-bubble water produced by micro-bubble technology can deeply clean the delicate skin. Use it with cleansing milk to remove stains without residue and reduce the damage of chemical substances to the skin. In addition, if the water contains ultra-fine oxygen bubbles produced by oxygen, when the body is immersed in this high-oxygen water, it can nourish the skin, delay aging, achieve hyperoxia therapy, and have the effect of health care.

Unexpectedly, microbubble technology can also be applied to the field of beauty, which is an eye-opener. Are you also interested in this technology? Come to Shanghai Edon Mechanical & Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd for more information!

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