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The generation mechanisms of micro-nano bubbles

At present, the generation technology of micro and nano bubbles can be divided into 3 methods: pressurized dissolved air method, air-entraining induction method, and electrolysis precipitation method.

1.Pressurized dissolved air method

The principles of pressurized dissolved air are as follows. First, make air or other gases dissolved in the raw water under certain pressure and reach a saturation state. Then, reduce the pressure of the water so as to make the dissolved gas escape in the form of micro bubbles. The bubbles formed by traditional pressurized dissolved gas are small as well, but they need to be equipped with a gas supercharger and conveying equipment (such as air compressor, etc.), extender gas dissolving tank, and an air release device (such as pressure reducing valve), which makes the system composition more complex, the energy consumption is exorbitant and cover a large area.

2. Air-entraining induction method

There are two methods of air induction: mechanical induction and hydraulic induction. The mechanical induction method, also known as the impeller rotary cutting method, mainly relies on the electric motor to drive the impeller to rotate. Then the negative pressure environment generated by the working chamber makes the gas enter automatically. After that, with the shearing completed, the micro nano bubble will be generated.

3. Electrolysis precipitation method

In this method, hydrogen and oxygen are produced by electrolysis of water to obtain micro nano bubbles. Due to the adhesion effect of micro nano bubbles, the bubble size produced by electrolysis is relatively large.

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