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What is the General Purpose of Gas Liquid Mixing Pump?

The use of dissolved gas pump:

  • Various types of dissolved air flotation treatment equipment, ozone water preparation equipment, oxygen-enriched water preparation equipment, biochemical treatment equipment, extraction and separation of soybean zein.

  • Various industrial wastewater treatments such as food, pharmaceutical, paper, chemical, bioengineering, beer, etc., including biological contact oxidation, traditional activated sludge, biochemical aeration, SBR, ICEAS, CASS, etc. Aeration process.

  • Oxygenation in industrial fish farming workshops, hatchery workshops, fish farming in pond, and live fish transportation.

  • The heat medium and refrigerant of various temperature control devices are transferred cyclically.

  • Various filter units.

  • Low-viscosity liquids such as gasoline, diluents, and various solvents are pumped or pumped from underground storage tanks.

  • Spray treatment of clean water, pure water, food, chemical liquid, waste liquid, etc..

  • Harsh operation, intermittent use of water hammer and back pressure. Such as: small steam boilers, high-rise water supply, high-pressure water injection into high-pressure tanks, and suction from vacuum tanks.

  • Take a water sample from a river or a water storage tank, and transfer the liquid to the foaming liquid and the long-distance pipeline that is prone to air pockets.

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