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What are the Main Applications of Micro Bubble Generator?

There are many applications of micro bubble generator for sale in agriculture, construction, chemical industry, food and other industries. Their main functions include dissolved air flotation, fuel production, cooling lubricant treatment, mineral processing, detergent treatment, ammonia stripping plant, lime removal, LPG degassing, ozone cooling water treatment, ozone gas mixing for disinfection, aquaculture aeration, water culture and micro bubble bath.The micro bubble generator pump will also have many other promising functions.

Shanghai Edon Mechanical & Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd emphasizing quality and reputation is working hard in the micro bubble generator for sale in all parts of the world.

We specialize in the manufacture of micro bubble generators. The company has a vast factory area, modern production lines, first-class facilities and management team. The main products are closed type micro nano bubble generator and coupling type micro nano bubble generator. All products are produced in strict accordance with the standard, and widely used in industry, fuel, chemical industry, aquaculture and other production lines. Our main customers are foreign-funded enterprises and famous Chinese enterprises.

The research results of gas-liquid two-phase flow, especially gas-liquid dispersed phase two-phase flow, greatly promote the large-scale application of chemical machinery. The miniaturization of bubbles is the key technology to promote the movement of substances and the speed of chemical reactions in the chemical industry. On the basis of theory and practical application, our development and research team will combine different principles of micro and nano bubble generation technology to effectively increase bubble generation and reduce bubble size dispersion, so as to create simple, low-cost products. The micro nano bubble generator with low energy consumption can meet different needs.

Shanghai Edon Mechanical & Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd has micro bubble generator for sale. Our products have good application prospects in chemical, environmental and medical air flotation water purification technology, water aeration, ozone water disinfection and micro nano bubble drag reduction. They are more efficient than macrobubbles, and have wide application prospects in frontier applications such as biopharmaceuticals, precise chemical reactions and bubble logic circuits.

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