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Micro Nano Bubble Cleaning Technology

"Micro nano bubbles" are micro and nano scale water bubbles, which are generated when bubbles occur in water by using physical principles. They can also be called micro and nano bubbles, micro bubbles or nano bubbles according to their diameter range. The diameter of ordinary water molecular group is 200-400 μm, and the diameter of microbubbles is less than 50 μm, which is 2.5% - 10% of the size of ordinary water molecular group. When the micro bubble contracts to less than 10 μ m in water, it will burst under pressure, and a large number of negative oxygen ions which are beneficial to human body can be produced when high temperature and pressure are generated instantaneously.


The number of bubbles in water is large when doing the microbubbles cleaning, which greatly increases the gas-liquid contact area and improve the dissolution efficiency.


  • When the bubble diameter is reduced to 1/a, the bubble area will increase a times, and the number of bubbles will increase to a³;


  • Single volume reduces to one tenth of the original, and its surface area increases to 10 times. That is to say, the surface area of bubble contacting with water increases 10 times (that is, the gas dissolution efficiency increases 10 times).


  • The bubble size is 1mm, and the particle size is becoming 1/100 (the diameter is reduced to 10 μm), and the theoretical dissolution efficiency is increased by 100 times.


The time of microbubbles cleaning is long and the buoyancy is large, and it will rise to the water surface quickly and vertically to break away from the water surface. Because of its micron size, the micro nano bubble has a small buoyancy (3mm / min), and its rising speed is slow, and it moves horizontally, upward or downward. Under pressure, the fracture energy of the bubble will be released, and the active oxygen molecules will be dissolved in the water, and the micro nano bubble will continue to exist in the water.


When the microbubbles cleaning and burst happens, it will produce high temperature and pressure and ultrasonic wave, which will decompose the oxygen in the water into highly active negative ions, making the microbubble with weak negative charge. The concentration of negative oxygen ion in micro nano bubble water is 100 times of that in forest. So it can play a role of cleaning.

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