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How Will Micro Nano Bubble Generator Play a Role in the Major Industries

When it comes to bubbles, many people now know about it, and now there are some devices that can generate bubbles, such as micro-nano bubble generators, which people will pay attention to now. Such devices are now appearing in major industries and fields. Why? Let's follow Edon Mechanical & Electrical to understand how micro-nano bubble generators will play a role in major industries.

The main function of the micro-nano bubble generator is to generate bubbles directly in water or liquid. The generated bubbles are negatively charged bubbles. Therefore, compared with ordinary bubbles, because there are more negative charges, when a large number of them are gathered together, there is no need to worry about rupture. It can directly complete the specific adsorption and separation of some substances in the water, including the suspended matter in the sewage and pollutants, so that it can be beneficial to provide a certain amount of oxygen to the water.

At the same time, the bubbles generated by the micro-nano bubble generator will gradually become smaller in diameter with the increase of internal pressure and surface tension, and the dissolving ability is also very good. Therefore, once these bubbles appear in the liquid displaying a saturated state, they will automatically dissolve. There is no need to worry about too many bubbles staying in the liquid, and there is no need to deal with bubbles specifically, which can save a certain amount of time and reduce people's work.

It is precisely because of the above principles that the current micro and nano bubble generators will be applied in various industries. For example, in the current seafood farming, the micro-nano bubble generator can provide oxygen, and can also be used for water purification. This device is also used in fermentation culture in fermented food. In addition, this device can be seen in sewage treatment.

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