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Micro Bubble Generator System Instructions

The micro bubble generator system consists of motor, coupling, connecting shaft, mechanical seal, bearing part and impeller. The micro bubble generator system draws in air through the high-speed rotation of the motor to produce bubbles. Then the "micro bubble" is evenly distributed in the sewage through the stainless steel diffuser, so there is no blocking phenomenon. The structure of the device consists of a water pump, an air flow meter, a waterfall head and some pipe structures. Under the condition of stable pressure, the operation of micro bubble generator system is stable, and the amount of foam is more uniform, achieving the goal of high dissolution rate and low energy consumption

Installation and operation instructions of micro bubble generator system

1. The machine has passed the water debugging and inspection before leaving the factory.

2. Before starting the machine, check whether the lubrication points are reliable and add lubricating oil as required.

Characteristic of micro bubble generator system:

1. Impact pressure: when the bubble explodes, a high temperature and high pressure state will be formed locally, which will produce a very large impact and affect the surrounding materials.

2. Interfacial activity: it exists in liquid for a long time. When bubbles are generated, they are negatively charged, so they have interfacial activity, deodorization and color removal function, etc.

3. Physiological activity: it can promote the near growth of organisms and the biological activity.

4. Gas characteristic function: the device can use different gases as cutting bodies (such as pure oxygen, ozone, etc.) to meet different needs.

5. Simple structure, stable operation, uniform foaming, high dissolved oxygen rate and low cost.


1. Environmental protection industry: water treatment related to facilities, lakes and reservoirs, highly purified water treatment facilities, soil purification, etc.

2. Aquatic and agricultural industries: all kinds of aquaculture, soilless cultivation, live fish tank, aquarium tank, etc.

3. Industrial field: sewage treatment, various pipeline cleaning, etc.

4. Health field: all kinds of bathing facilities, bath, water purification, toilet, etc.

5. Medical field: oral cleaning, precision diagnosis, etc.

6. Electrolysis field: washing machine, etc.

7. Ship field: reduce hull resistance, etc.

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