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Instructions for DAF Water Pump

1. Before commissioning of DAF water pump equipment, the following preparations shall be made:

(1) Clean all the dirt and impurities in the pool.

(2) Lubricate the parts that need lubrication such as water pumps.

(3) Turn on the power, start the water pump, and check whether the steering is consistent with the direction indicated by the arrow. Find out the cause of abnormal situation in time.

(4) Press the switch of the foam scraper to make it walk towards one end of the dissolved air system. After running to the end, under the action of stroke collision block, the foam scraper moves in reverse direction until the sludge tank. The stroke collision block turns up the scraper and presses the stop button to stop scraping.

(5) Adjust the dosing device to the best state to separate the sewage and suspended solids.

2. Commissioning of DAF water pump:

(1) Add water: make the water level of the DAF water pump reach about 20 to 50 mm from the upper edge of the sludge tank partition. The water level of the air flotation tank can be adjusted by the water collector.

(2) Operation of dissolved air system: close all control valves, turn the electric knob switch to the automatic position, start the water pump, the dissolved air pump also enters into automatic working state, and then open the water pump inlet valve and outlet valve in sequence. At this time, open the water control valve of the dissolved air pump to let the dissolved air and water pass through the release device to release the air flotation pool. A large number of fine bubbles appear in the air flotation pool, making the clear water milky white, and the dissolved air system gas is provided by the dissolved air pump. As the dissolved air water continuously takes away the air in the tank, the air in the tank gradually decreases and the water level rises.

(3) Air flotation operation: After the dissolved air system is operating normally, the sewage after the dosing reaction is sent to the air flotation mixing tank. The water intake should be smaller at first, and then gradually increases to the rated value after normal.

(4) Dissolved gas water: first use tap water as the reflux water for the dissolved gas water, and then use the treated clean water as the reflux water when it is normal. For example, if the amount of detergent in waste water is large and the foam is large, the effect of air floatation can be affected.

(5) After the scum has accumulated to a certain thickness, start the foam scraper.

(6) When the equipment is shut down, first close the sewage control valve, then close the sewage pump, scrape the foam, stop the foam scraper, then open the clean water valve, run for 30 minutes with tap water, close the dissolved gas outlet water inlet control valve, and finally stop cleaning water pump.

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