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Characteristics and Applications of Micro Bubble Generator

Characteristics of the micro bubble generator:

1. Interface activity: functional bubbles exist in the liquid for a long time, and bubbles are negatively charged when they are generated, so they will have interface activity and better deodorization and color removal functions.

2. Biological activity: promote the rapid growth and biological activity of organisms.

3. Gas characteristic function: the equipment can use different gases as carriers (such as pure oxygen and ozone) to meet different needs.

Application industry of micro bubble generator:

Fine micro bubble generator can generate functional microbubbles in water under normal pressure. It uses the characteristics of functional microbubbles to carry gases, such as oxygen or ozone.

It can not only produce all kinds of functional water, but also greatly improve the added value of water, and provide revolutionary treatment technology for water utilization, water treatment, environmental protection industry, ecological agriculture, high-yield breeding, family health care, etc. It can completely replace the traditional products of the same kind, and has remarkable characteristics of energy saving, consumption reduction, efficiency improvement, production increase and income increase. It has broad market prospect and huge development potential.

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