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What is the Gas-liquid Mixing Pump?

Gas liquid mixing pump is a kind of vortex pump and usually is installed horizontally. Gas liquid pumps are divided into  two types: closed-couple type and coupling type. All the wetted parts are made of SUS 304 stainless steel.

Gas-liquid mixing pump is a horizontally mounted self-priming gas-liquid mixing pump. It uses a standard click coupling connection. The pump's wetted components are all made of stainless steel. The suction port of the gas-liquid mixing pump can draw in gas by the negative pressure, so there is no need to use a gas compressor and an atmospheric injector. The high-speed rotating impeller agitates the liquid with the gas, so no compressor and mixers are needed. Due to the pressurized mixing in the pump, the gas and the liquid are fully dissolved, and the dissolution efficiency can reach 80 to 99%. Therefore, a high-pressure solution can be obtained without a large pressurized gas tank or an expensive reaction tower. A gas-liquid mixing pump can be used for gas-liquid attraction, mixing, dissolution and direct delivery of highly dissolved liquid to the point of use. Therefore, the use of a gas-liquid mixing pump can improve the efficiency of the dissolved gas production, simplify the preparation device, save the space, greatly reduce the initial investment, save operating costs and maintenance costs.


Gas-liquid mixing pump operating conditions

Thin, clean, low viscosity liquid; 

pH range is 3-9;

Liquid temperature -15 ° C ~ 120 ° C; 

Ambient temperature: +40 ° C;

The volume ratio of gas to liquid is about 1:9 (the inspiratory volume is 8~10%);

The self-priming height is 9-NPSH (m).

  • Air flotation treatment. When the reflux ratio is 1:1, the water treatment capacity is 1~45m3/h.

  • Removal of impurities in well water, such as pre-engineering for semiconductor pure water manufacturing.

  • Wastewater treatment with grease, for example, kitchen wastewater.

  • Urine treatment after screening, such as excrement treatment of livestock.

  • Resource recycling, such as recycling and recycling of paper fibers.

  • Front-end treatment of plant wastewater, for example for the recovery of food, crystallization, pharmaceuticals.

  • Sediment, floats, fouling sludge, algae recovery, for example for ponds, lakes.

  • A tiny bubble bath like a cow's milk, such as a milk bath for hotels and restaurants.

  • Water surface projection in a large celebration, like a water screen.

  • Decoration of the water surface.

  • High concentration ozone water treatment (use example)  The water preparation capacity can be up to 54m3/h. The ozone concentration can reach 30mg/L.

  • Water quality improvement. Sterilization. Deoxidation, for example, for drinking water, beverages, underground well water.

  • Fresh food sterilization and preservation, for example, in food factories, restaurants, canteens.

  • Medical institutions, such as for instruments, wounds, white clothes, bedding, sterilization of wastewater, disinfection, decolorization, deodorization.

  • Sterilization of drinking water, water towers, water pipe descaling.

  • Sterilization of circulating water. Deodorization, for example, for swimming pools. Hot springs. Baths.

  • Reduce BOD.COD, decolorization of dye drainage, such as wastewater treatment in factories.

  • Laundry room. Paper mill, for example for sterilization, bleaching, deodorization, drainage and bleaching.

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