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How Can Micro Nano Bubbles Help Us?

Micro nano bubbles are commonly used in the healthcare industry. Biologists have found that abundant oxygen has significant practical effects on basic metabolism of body cells, relieving fatigue, exuberant energy and maintaining physical as well as mental health. The dense micro nano bubbles can cause positive charge of negative ions in the air, which has excellent surface-active cleaning effect.

How can micro nano bubbles help us?

1. Disintegration of Oil Pollution

Clean greasy pots, dishes and dishes without or less detergent. In this way, washing the dishes will not hurt your hands, and the dishes will not be polluted. Micro nano bubbles can penetrate into oil and separate water from oil. You can clean pots and dishes without detergent. Let you bid farewell to roughness and chappedness and regain your delicate hands. Keep away from secondary pollution caused by detergent to ensure the safety of tableware.

2. Remove Residues

Clean the gap deeply, and there is no pesticide residue in fruits and vegetables. Micro nano bubbles can easily penetrate into the skin and folds of fruits and vegetables. It can wash away dirt and pesticide residues without cleaning agents. At the same time, it can kill Escherichia coli, making the entrance more secure.

3. Clean the Skin

Dredge pores and take away residual. The air pollution is serious, the exposed skin is damaged by dust, so it is urgent to clean it. Cosmetics are becoming more and more delicate and comfortable. Although the effect is natural, it also increases the difficulty of removing makeup. As a result, the residues are accumulated in the pores, bringing the risk of facial skin.

4. Sterilization

It can relieve the skin diseases caused by fungi. Most skin diseases are caused by fungi. The burst of micro-nano bubbles instantly sterilizes with high temperature and relieves skin diseases, so it has the effect of helping achieve therapeutic effect.

5. Refreshing and Health Care

When using micro nano air bath, bubble burst will bring low frequency, which will not only stimulate the production of endorphins, but also has the effect of sedation and pleasure.

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