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How Air Bubble Generator Works

Usually we call the existence of gas in liquid bubbles. The formation of bubbles can be encountered in many processes in the nature. When the gas is affected by the shear force in the liquid, bubbles of different sizes and shapes will be formed.

At present, the classification and definition of bubbles are not very strict. According to the order from large to small, they can be divided into centimeter bubble (CMB), millimeter bubble (MMB), micron bubble (MB), micro nano bubble (MNB) and nano bubble (NB). The so-called micro nano bubble refers to the bubble with a diameter of about 10 microns to hundreds of nanometers when the bubble occurs. This kind of bubble is between the micro bubble and the nano bubble, which has the physical and chemical characteristics that the conventional bubble does not have.

The air bubble generator is to inject nano bubbles into the dirty water, but it is not these bubbles that really purify the water quality, but the original microorganisms in the water. They are in the nano level, and will not diffuse and disappear after being injected into water, but will gather and integrate into a bubble layer and suspend in water. The microorganisms in water supply create a high oxygen environment suitable for their growth. In the process of growth and reproduction, microorganisms will eat the pollutants in the water as food, so as to purify the water.

The working principle of air bubble generator:

It uses the high-speed rotation of the impeller to form a vacuum area in the water. The air on the liquid surface enters the water through the gas transmission pipe to fill and cut, then the microbubbles are generated, and rise to the water surface spirally, and the oxygen in the air also enters the water. The sewage is fully mixed with the microbubbles produced by the impeller in the process of rising. Due to the imbalance between the gas water mixture and the liquid, a vertical upward buoyancy is generated, bringing the solid suspension to the water surface.

The air bubble generator can make the gas in the sewage dissolve in large quantity and effectively, improve the dissolved oxygen rate, and greatly improve the treatment efficiency and treatment effect. Through its own micro vibration reaction, the ultra-fine nano bubble generator stays in the sewage for a long time, which has the effect of sealing the gas.

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